Correlation Between Wealth And Happiness

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The Correlation between Wealth and Happiness in Developed and Developing Countries: Is the level of Happiness Equal to Wealth? This is a frequently asked question; "How to make life fabulous with happiness ?" Plenty of philosophers and social anthropologists have been seeking to answer it but they still can not suggest an obvious solution because various factors affect happiness and these are interacting with each other, thus, these points are not analyzed easily. However, even though analyzing happiness is complicated, it is studied by many groups in order to propose a measure of happiness for evaluating human life. Humanity is able to live with happiness if the factors are recognized. From the past, wealth is usually regarded as the main key for happiness. Money is the fundamental factor in order to sustain life because most countries practice capitalism. Although governments operate welfare systems such as public insurance and pensions, it is not enough to enrich human life with happiness. This is why a number of people desire to live in rich countries instead of poor countries. Actually, residing in a wealthy country does not guarantee citizens ' happiness. Nowadays, a new questionable point has risen about associative relations between wealth and happiness; it is about how six factors affect happiness in life. Money, together with social support are two major aspects, followed by four other factors that determine happiness. In this essay, the six causes of happiness are
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