Correlation Between Youth Sports Athletes And Leadership Concepts

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A Look at Correlation Between Youth Sports Athletes and Leadership Concepts in the Workforce By Robert Graves For a majority of my life, I’ve been involved in sports. I can even remember when I played on my first team, the time my father first enrolled me on my first T-ball league. There are pictures in our family photo album of me holding a basketball at an age even younger than when I played in the T-ball league, shooting it into a Mattel© basketball hoop. Throughout the years, I’ve played on various sports teams from little league baseball, YMCA basketball, high school football, and even a high-status volleyball team during my time in the Marine Corps. I love sports and the team concept; in fact, a majority of my friends played in some type of league, or were former teammates of my own. I’ve noticed throughout the years, as I look back on my life, that I had always been some sort of captain or role model, and even in the jobs I held I had always been promoted faster than my peers, and have always been given great recognition and appraisal. I have always been told I was a good leader, and people came to me willingly to seek assistance and advice. Still to this day, as a chief in my shop, and as a family friend, people turn to me for life coaching. I see this trend as well with some of my former teammates, and even some former High School and College athletes that enlisted in the services. Seeing this trend I began to wonder if there is a correlation between
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