Correlation Coefficient And The Matrix Of Table 1 For Each Of The Data Among Family Functioning

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Pearson correlation coefficient was used in the matrix of Table 1 for each of the data among family functioning, resilience and peer support seeking. The table showed that it was tested significant positive correlation among resilience, peer support seeking and the five items of family functioning. The hypothesis had been proven. Moreover, only two items of family functioning, resolve and growth, were significant positive correlated to peer support seeking which suggested that resilience may play a mediator role between the independent variable (growth and resolve) of family functioning and the dependent variable (peer support seeking). Therefore, a hierarchical linear regression analyses was processed to explore the mediating effect of resilience of TTFS.
3.3 Hierarchical regression analysis among resilience, family functioning and peer support seeking
Table 2 Hierarchical regression analyses among family functioning, resilience and peer support seeking
Dependent Variable Peer Support Seeking
Independent Variable Step one Step two Step three
Gender .008 .015 -.029
Age .021 .018 .119
Resilience .217*** .197**
Adaptation -.047
Partnership -.029
Growth .131*
Affection .030
Resolve .097
R² .001 .047 .088
△R² .001 .047 .037
F .074 4.463** 3.164**

With peer support seeking as the dependent variable, gender, age, resilience, resolve, growth, as independent variables, hierarchical linear regression analysis was used in following procedure. Step one: sex, age, entered…
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