Correlation Of Understaffing And Patient Safety

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Correlation of Understaffing and Patient Safety In 1981, the announcement was made that a hospital was being built to serve the western communities of Palm Beach and Palm West Hospital’s groundbreaking was celebrated in 1984 and two years later, the hospital opened with 117 beds (Palms West Hospital Celebrates, 2016). Palms West Hospital is now a subsidiary of HCA Holdings Inc. (Palms West Hospital, 2016). Originally called Columbia Palms West Hospital Limited Partnership and changed its name to Palms West Hospital Limited Partnership in January 2002 (Palms West Hospital, 2016). The leadership members of Palms West Hospital are: Mr. Eric Goldman, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Robert Preato, Chief Financial Officer Ms. Madeline Nava, Chief Operating Officer Ms. Silvia Stradi, Chief Nursing Officer Dr. Bradley Feuer Do, J.D., Director of Medical Education. (Palms West Hospital, 2016). The hospital offers a variety of services to the nearby communities which consist of case management, cardiopulmonary, cardiovascular, critical care, emergency, endoscopy, food and nutrition, imaging, pediatrics, rehabilitation and aquatic therapy, robotic surgery, and surgical services (Palms West Hospital, 2016). Off campus, the hospital operates a breast and obstetrics center; integrated regional laboratories; and a children 's hospital (Palms West Hospital, 2016). Palms West Hospital has been noticed as a hospital with many significant accolades. The hospital is known for its accredited
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