Correlation Theory

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SCENARIO B: Depression cured using revolutionary dance technique Ruling out rival hypotheses: Discoveries predictable with a few distinct hypotheses need extra research to choose which theory is best bolstered. At the point of taking a pattern as an example of results that have been accounted for, it is essential to ask if there are any other speculations that could clarify this example of information. The rival hypotheses that are most critical to rule out are those that could likewise clarify the particular results that have been portrayed. It is important to consider any other possibilities (Lecture Two, 2016).
It is really odd to get treatment in only thirty minutes for a person who was struggling with depression and has tried numerous antidepressant medications and many types of psychotherapy without any success. She either did not have depression in the first place or they did not do enough research about this treatment. Also, any physical activity, like sports, increase the flow of endorphins to the mood-modulating happiness hubs in the brain and it is not limited to only the dancing. Correlation vs. causation: A relationship between two things does not infer a relationship between the circumstance and end
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It mostly comes from a social desirability bias about dancing that most people think dancing is for happy people and brings happiness, which is totally wrong. For example, the Tango dance is a very emotional and depressive dance and can make you extremely sad, so the revolutionary dance technique is difficult to verify. They could and should examine the method on different type of people especially on those who do not enjoy dancing at all. They need to examine the method in different situations and see if the results last long. Also they need to examine the method many times to see if the method still works well after using it
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