Correlation between Asthma and Anxiety

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Asthma and anxiety can make a vicious circle, and one that can spiral downward quickly. Firstly stress and anxiety can cause physiological changes that could provoke an attack to occur. These emotions trigger the release of chemicals, such as leukotrienes and histamine, which cause the narrowing of the airway. During this horrific period of stress and anxiety, it can get into the head of people and they forget to do the basics. People might forget to take their medications which can cause an attack. These stress-related hormones also reduce the body’s ability to fight off respiratory infections like colds. Stress can affect the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, immune and central nervous system. It can also create powerful physiologic reaction that can lead to airway constriction and changes in the immune system. This can play a vital role in making the Asthma symptoms worse. The mechanism between anxiety and Asthma is many-fold, with uncontrolled amounts of emotions can work the nerve and cause constriction to muscles, like the smooth muscles of the airways in the lungs. They begin to tighten up and constrict, which can trigger wheezing, coughing and tightness in the chest for people. Even though stress and anxiety start all in your head with mind games, Asthma is a physical disease related to the lungs. You may think it’s in your head but it’s not,…
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