Correlation between Cost Reduction and Manufacturing Perishable Food Reduction Items

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(Manoj Dora, 2014)[1] Encountered “The key barriers by Food SMEs in the implementation of lean manufacturing practices result from the special characteristics of food sector, such as highly perishable products, complicated processing, extremely variable raw material, recipes and unpredictable demand. In addition, lack of knowledge and resources makes it difficult for food processing SMEs to embark on the lean journey” One of the research studies in 2010 has found that the editorial board of “Trends in Food Science & Technology” barbed out “The food manufacturing industry needs improvement on various methods when it comes to production such as lean manufacturing for operational effectiveness” (Mahalik, 2010). [2]
“In academia, the majority of the operations management literature focuses on the application of lean manufacturing in large discrete organizations (Moreno-Luzon, 1993). [3] Few academic articles even started to raise interests over the straightforward application of lean manufacturing in processing industries (Abdulmalek and Rajgopal, 2007 &; Melton, 2005) [4]. The specific characteristic of goods and/or processes in processing industries offers a great demand to the application of lean manufacturing” (Abdulmalek et al., 2006; Van Donk and Van Dam, 1996) [5]. (Cox and Chicksand, 2005)[6] Believed “Some works show that a straightforward acceptance of lean manufacturing in the food manufacturing industries might not bring the desirable…
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