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Steffane Salters Annotated Bibliography Huey, M. & Mcnulty, T. (2005). Institutional Conditions and Prison Suicide: Conditional Effects of Deprivation and Overcrowding. The Prison Journal, 85(4), 490-515.doi:10.1177/0032885505282258. Sage Publications. The article studies the correlation between violence, mainly suicide, and the effects of prison overcrowding as it relates to prisoners, the economy and communities outside of prison. The author uses national data on prisons in the U.S in order to show the consequences such as suicide that prison overcrowding causes. The author believes that prison overcrowding is a pivotal part of prison which deprives prisoners of having a fair life in prison which results in depression then…show more content…
The author starts by acknowledging just how many states have adopted the many strategies of reducing the amount of prisoners housed. The author argues that offender classification has been shown to be the key to successful correctional management. The author reviews five overcrowded prisons where classification procedures were abused and contributed to the harmfulness of overcrowding. The idea that the author is trying to push is that it isn’t just classification that will help solve the problem but also the management that must be taken into account. The way the prisoners are classified when they come into prison is a way that should be looked at to assure the decisions about inmates and prison programming goes into effect. The author discusses ways that prisoners can be “matched” with prisons and facilities in order to increase their chances of staying in prison non-violent. When prisons are overcrowded, classification decisions are more haphazard and restricted which makes prisoners over classified. Inappropriate classifications can hurt the prison system, the prisons, and the economy because more taxes go out to house prisons that already have too many inmates, and not enough faculty members. The author also discusses the effect overcrowding has on a prisoner trying to move out of the
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