Correlational Research

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In my chosen field of school psychology, correlational research is a great research method in order to build various support groups, interventions, and an overall warm school climate. One topic that I am specifically interested in is the relation of self-esteem and bullying. I would predict that there would be a negative correlation between the two variables, as I believe that bullying is prominently done by those students whom have lower levels of self-esteem.

Research Question: How is self-esteem related to bullying?

I believe that this research question would be most supported by correlational research because the results will allow me to see if there is a relationship between self-esteem and bullying. If I find that there is in fact a relationship, then I will have the ability to build programs within the school that focus on self-esteem in order to reduce, or stop, bullying from happening. To begin, I would assign 'self-esteem' as the predictor variable and 'bullying' as the outcome variable.

For this study, I would seek all students attending 3 different schools in the same city, or area. I would want one school that reports very little bullying, a school that reports an average amount of bullying, and one school that reports extreme amounts of bullying. I believe that the three different
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Data for self-esteem, for example, could be collected using the 'Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale' (Rosenberg, 1965). This is a 10-item scale that measures positive and negative self-feelings by using a 4-point Likert Scale to respond to questions. Data for bullying, for example, could be collected using the 'Aggression Scale' (Orpinas & Frankowski, 2001). This is an 11-item self-report scale that assesses the frequency of teasing, pushing, or threatening others. Both scales are deemed valid and reliable, thus I believe using each would result in valid and reliable
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