Correlations Between Abuse and Delinquency

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There have been many studies done to determine whether victims of abuse have higher rates of delinquency, as compared to those who have not encountered abuse. It has been found that adolescents who were victims of sexual assault were three to five times more likely to experience posttraumatic stress disorder, be abused again, be dependent on drugs and alcohol, or commit delinquent acts compared with adolescents who were not victimized (Impact of Child Abuse, 2011). In another study that was conducted to examine the relationship between abuse and delinquency, the data that was found, supported the data that was found in the study above; the authors of the study found that abuse nearly doubles the probability that an individual will engage in crime. This information was found to even be true with twins, one of whom was abused and other one was not (Currie & Tekin, 2006).
Data that was collected from the studies above are unimaginable. There is a high correlation between abuse and delinquent behavior. Many factors play into reasons why a child may be abused. Some of the factors that play into abuse are as follows: parent or caregiver factors, family factors, child factors, and environmental factors. Examples of parent or caregiver factors are: age, substance abuse, psychological well-being, and history of abuse. Family factors could include a child living in a single parent household. This type of situation may…
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