Essay about Correlations between Biology and Male Homosexuality

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Correlations Between Biology and Male Homosexuality

Homosexuality, one of the many different sexual behaviors exhibited by humankind, has been rejected, persecuted, and denied. Are the studies that attempt to find causation moral? Is this search for the "why" of homosexuality a continuation of the heterosexist assumption that heterosexuality is normal and homosexuality abnormal? Are assumptions being made that homosexuality is a disease and should therefore be treated medically? Is the research currently being done heterosexist? Studies that are being performed currently and those done in the recent past have shown that there are strong connections between male homosexuality and biology. By presenting the scientifically significant
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On the other hand, scientists who are homosexual themselves have conducted some of the more recent and more scientifically significant studies. This lends a validity to the research that has not been seen in the past. Those who would like to see scientific progress continue are those who would like to see the "born that way" argument validated. In the interests of scientific curiosity, and in the hopes that the evidence gathered will be used appropriately, the following are examples of correlation between biology and homosexuality.

Hormones have, throughout history been touted as the "cause" behind homosexuality. There is currently no scientific evidence to prove this. There are correlations between unusual prenatal hormone levels and abnormal sexual behavior later in life, however, evidence gathered from studies of phenomena such as this can be easily argued away.

Historically speaking, the most common claim relating hormones to homosexuality was that gay men had "lower levels of testosterone and higher levels of estrogen in their bloodstream and urine" when compared to their heterosexual counterparts. (Stein,1999) This theory, which didn't subside until the mid-to-late 1970's, was the driving force for many attempts to cure gay men of their homosexuality. It is now known that there is no distinguishable difference between the testosterone levels found in gay males and those found in heterosexual males. Programs were set up claiming that a cure for
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