Correlations of Soil Properties with Index Properties Essay

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1.0 INTRODUCTION The correlation of soil properties with its index properties have been used by engineers to estimate the engineering properties of a soil if the index properties are known. This is especially important where there is inadequate information from the site and laboratory investigation results or where results need to be validated with the existing literature values in order to determine the appropriate soil design parameters. Many renowned researchers such as Carrier and Beckman (1984), Carter and Bentley (1991), Henkel (1959), Houlsby and Whithers (1988), Skempton (1957), and Wroth and Wood (1976) have developed correlations that relate engineering properties of soil with its index properties. Since these correlations were…show more content…
More specifically, the review of the literature is organised under the following sub-headings: 1) Soil types, mineralogy and pore fluid. 2) Measurement of soil index test properties (liquid limit and plastic limit) 3) Measurement of shear strength, permeability and compressibility properties 4) Review of existing correlations in terms of permeability, strength and compressibility. 5) Identification of trends in soil behaviour in terms of permeability, shear strength and compressibility and the index properties based on current publications. 6) Development of correlation between index properties and strength, compressibility and permeability of soils. 7) Validation of the developed correlations using current test data from the geotechnical industry. 2.0 LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Soil types, mineralogy and pore fluid Carrier and Beckman (1984) in their study of the correlations between compressibility, undrained shear strength, and permeability of remoulded clays and Atterberg limits and activity submitted that the three pillars of geotechnical engineering practice soil parameters of compressibility, shear strength and permeability are all interrelated in terms of easily determined index properties (Atterberg limits). White (1949) cited Allen and Harold (1942) stated that the Atterberg limits of a soil or clay are the
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