Corrie Began Book Report

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Before this phrase, Corrie’s house had exploded from an attack by the invaders (don’t know their names, or where they came from), so Corrie was sobbing, and they splashed a bucket of water in her face to calm her down.
Corrie is very sad and afraid, so much so that she cannot move or look at her friends.
The group isn’t going on without her, but waiting for her and helping her.
Corrie is having a hard time dealing with what just happened.
The friends are very close, and stay and help, and are very loyal.
She is frightened not only because her house exploded, but afraid that they might come back.
Corrie really wants to move on, but she can’t.
If it wasn’t for Corrie’s friends, I don’t think she could have moved
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They begin to comprehend that an invasion may have happened, and all clues and signs point to that conclusion. They go to Robyn’s late at night, and everything is very dark except for the Showground, which is bright and vivid. They see a truck wheeling out of it, and they get suspicious. They split up into groups and execute different objectives, so they don’t get caught together. They plan to meet again later that night. Lee and Robyn go to Lee’s house, Fi and Homer visit Fi’s house, and Corrie, Ellie and Kevin go near the Showground. While Corrie, Ellie and Kevin are near the Showground, they see soldiers, tents, and a lot of parked cars. When they start to walk back, they are noticed and shot at, but luckily no one got hurt. The soldiers chase the gang through a yard of an abandoned house. Ellie notices a ride-on mower and lights it on fire with gasoline and lures the soldiers to that area. The ride-on mower blows up, and Corrie, Ellie and Kevin are safe (for now?). They go to meet with the rest of the gang, but only two of them are waiting for them… Lee and Robyn aren’t there. They
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