Corrie Ten Boom Of The Holocaust

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Corrie Ten Boom is the daughter of a popular watchmaker and christian living in Holland during the beginning of Hitler, the Nazis, and hatred against Jews. The Ten Boom’s, however, always do the right thing and help anyone in need. Before their mother died, their household was always full of poor neighbors needing food or tea or anything else they could provide. This kindness continues into the beginning of the Holocaust. Corrie begins to join an underground system, involved with helping and sheltering Jews. At first, she was just trying to get some to different places where they would be safe, however. Corrie got so involved that the watch shop, called the Beje. became the center. She had monthly deliveries of food ration card, new Jews would show up to her door almost weekly, and the rest of the people involved in the underground had a secret code or phone calls, revolving around watch-talk. Eventually, Corrie could not find a place or a man, so he ended up living with the Ten Booms. They ended building a secret room with an elaborate warning system installed. They had many Jews living in that room, but little did she know that the entire town knew of her work in the underground and o the Jews in her house. Corrie ended up being caught and taken to prison, along with her father and sister. Corrie kept her with all this time, which helped her make it through. Eventually, after finding out that her father has died in prison, Corrie and her sister get to see the rest of

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