Corrosion And Erosion Of Coal Combustion Chamber

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 This review article focuses on corrosion and erosion of coal combustion chamber.
 Coal fire power plant
 Fluidized bed combustion chamber
 Mechanism of fluidized bed combustion chamber
 Effect of corrosion and erosion on fluidized bed combustion chamber
 Preventive measure solutions against hot corrosion and erosion problem
 Different types of systems for coal power plant installation.


Hot corrosion , erosion , chlorine , Chemical vapor deposition , Physical vapor deposition , super heater , water wall , Boiler , Thermal spraying , Nanostructured
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The problems create by the emission and corrosion can be solve by changing the material, Spraying & coating with use of different types material, altering the territory or by separating the component surface from the atmosphere. The reason behind this paper is to present a literature review of current explanations on parameters which effect on the erosion-corrosion of combustion bed coil like coal properties, air flow velocity, tube material, nozzle diameter, thickness and pitch of bed coil, size and shape of the boiler tubes etc. Furthermore, several different hypotheses based on experimental studies, analytical studies, and numerical studies have been put forward to describe the Optimization of coal combustion process.


Now a days in all over the world majority of electricity is generated in coal-fired thermal plants, in which the coal is used for burned to boil water and the steam produced is expanded through a turbine, which turns a generator [2]. And at the same time low pressure steam exit at the end of the turbine and it is condensed by the condenser and returned to the boiler.
Erosion and corrosion in coal combustion chamber is a major problem faced by coal fire power plant. Coal is a very complex and relatively pollutant fuel that contains huge amount of S02 and substantial fraction of noncombustible mineral constituents, commonly called ash And majority of coal used in coal power stations has
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