Corrosion Is A Major Consideration For The Construction Industry

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SiYu Yang

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University College London
University of London

September 2015

Sustainablitiy is a major consideration for the construction industry…

Abstract 2
1.Introduction 4
1.1 Introduction 4
1.2 Objectives 5
2. Literature Review 7
2.1 Slag 7
2.2 Slag Activation 7
2.3 AAS Engineering Properties 8
2.4 Passive Film 9
2.5 Corrosion Mechanisms 9
2.6 Test Methods 12
3. Test Materials and Techniques 14
3.1 Test Materials 14
3.2 Pastes Mix Proportions and Physical Properties 16
3.4 Technique Used 18
3.5 Research Programme 19
4.Simulated Solution 22
4.1 Test Apparatus 22
4.2 Passivation of
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Therefore, more than 160 governments met in Tokyo in 1997 to draft the Tokyo Portal to advocate reduction of GHG emission and set emission reduction targets.

As an important construction material, the Portland cement has been widely used in construction industry around the world. The Portland cement clinker is made from calcinations of limestone and siliceous materials where de-carbonation occurs. The reaction:

C_a 〖CO〗_3⟶C_a O+〖CO〗_2

The production of Portland cement is high-energy consumption and produce large amount emission of CO2. Previous research indicates that 0.98kg of CO2 will be created by production of 1kg of Portland cement, including 0.53g from decarbonisation, 0.33g from burning process plus 0.12g from generation of electricity power required. Therefore, for every ton of cement produced, an approximately equal amount of carbon dioxide is relapsed in to atmosphere [2阿三]. The world cement industry contributes 7% of total CO2 emission [3]. This leads to the research of seeking more environmental friendly cements. One of these alternative materials is alkali-activated slag (AAS) cement. Comparing with Ordinary Portland cement (OPC), the AAS has is own advantages. Firstly, it uses ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBS) as the binder material of concrete, which is a by-product from industry production. Secondly, AAS cement has low energy cost and low GHGs emissions. Finally, AAS concrete has excellent engineering
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