Corrupting The Youth Of Athens Is A Valid Charge Against Socrates

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1. I do not believe that corrupting the youth of Athens is a valid charge against Socrates. If Athens was truly a republic, then every citizen should be given the right to free speech. That means that any citizen has the right to choose what to listen to. In reality, the people that charged Socrates were just afraid that his new ideas would spread to the next generation. It is clear that Socrates ideas are vastly different from theirs, but being an independent individual doesn’t mean that one should be punished by death. The main reason that Socrates is charged for “corrupting the youth of athens” is because he calls things like they are. In his speech he called out politicians and claimed that they were full of themselves. This is true even now, but at that time it would have been inappropriate to mock political figures that the youth of Athens were supposed to look up to and obey. During this time, Athenians would have linked free thinking with rebellion and viewed Socrates as a threat. Even if people did agree with Socrates, no one would want to be associated with him in order to protect themselves, reputation, and material items. Socrates charge wasn’t about “corruption” it was about eliminating a source of enlightenment for the people. The real corruption was the hidden politics in the state going on at the time. The only way the charge could be valid is if Socrates forced the youth to listen to him. But as Socrates had said, he does not charge money to spread his
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