Corruption And Corruption Of Corruption

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There are millions of people who are affected by the corruption by the leaders these have made a major impact corruption is one of the biggest global issues. Corruption can take place anywhere it can take place on sport games, countries, Bank and politics. Today corruption can start and cause war corruption can be seen in different ways people today are giving money to cops and business man to do dirty work for them which is called bribery.
What is Corruption?
Corruption is the misuse power which is used by the politics wrongly Corruption may include many activities including bribery, war, fraud and injustice. There are mainly three important corruptions that are going around our world one of them are petty corruption this seems to be a small corruption Petty corruption has affected the whole corporate in Greece, Petty corruption includes inside the use of money the extortion money the money which is paid to the police or any other person to avoid the penalties and fines.
According to the in the 2011 survey, the petty corruption has been amounted to be £ 554 million globally. The petty corruption is at increasing rate which means its increasing day by day. This corruption impacts Greece the most that had to cost in millions for this small bribe. The second type of corruption is Grand Corruption is corruption that pervades the highest levels of a national Government, leading to a broad erosion of confidence in good governance, the rule…

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