Corruption And Voter Fraud : Mexico Is Not A Democracy?

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Democracy can be defined as people having the right to vote and those elected into government are chosen through a free and fair election process. Mexico was able to briefly become a democracy when the 71-year rule of the PRI came to an end in a transparent 2000 presidential election. The lack of voter fraud evidence made it clear that it was one of the fairest elections to date for Mexico. During the PRI power Mexico was a hybrid regime. It was disguised as a democracy that only favored those who were higher up and gave not voting power to the citizens. Killings and voter fraud make it clear that Mexico was not a democracy. In 2012 when the PRI took over again allegations of corruption and voter right violations came up again and taking Mexico back years. So, for this reason Mexico is not a democracy yet. In an authoritarian regime the power is concentrated in the authority of the country and the citizens are subjected to the rules that the authority decides to impose and they are not given the right to vote. Mexico has characteristics of an authoritarian government, but there is a façade that it’s a democracy. Years ago there were elections and political activity that made it seem like citizens were really participating in a democracy. This made Mexico a hybrid regime. For 71 years the Partido Revolucionaro Institucional (PRI) governed Mexico uninterrupted. During this time the president had extensive political power over the other government branches and Mexican states.
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