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Pride but No Glory
May 9th, 2013
Section # 42037, Hybrid
Dr. Oliver M. Thompson

Pride and Glory what a good name for a movie that represents the great NYPD and all they stand for. I just want to first state that the movie was very good and very entertaining. It showed a different side of the police force at hand and how corrupt police officers would be thinking during something like this. I’m sure the true meaning behind this movie was not a mash on the police department of the NYPD but as I have learned not just through this class but through other experiences is people take things in different perspective and influence is very powerful. What do I mean by this? I mean
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For the most part people believe every word of it, which amazes me. It’s like the saying goes; “never judge a book by its cover” yea well never judge a situation by its outcome. There is a reason why there are detectives and forensic science. These help find the guilty person. This was shown in the movie. Edward Norton was the detective who finally discovered his family corruption and was able to get it solved. So many things that happen right away are quickly assumed ass that. When the final verdict comes out at the end, people are royally shocked. My step brother is a homicide detective in the West Virginia district. I was able to talk to him over the phone for a small interview this past week and ask him about the movie and if it kind of relates to things he has seen. His first statement was “Never” he has never seen a criminal intention of murder or beatings of individuals. He said that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. It just hasn’t happened in his district. He said the movie was very good and it does show a side of corruption that does happen. He said murder is not usually a known corruption but taking things here and there are. For example if someone broke into a liquor store and the units at the scene are there taking notes and things they may take a few items for themselves. He said obviously these officers were dealt with later. He laughed and said how could you be so dumb. Because that situation did happen and the police
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