Corruption Is A Matter Of Great Concern For The Nation

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Since gaining independence from the British Government in 1963, Kenya has been plagued with corruption. Combating corruption is a matter of great concern for the nation, largely because corruption in Kenya is not just centralized at the head of government, but systematically rooted throughout all levels of government and normalized within society. Kenyans have developed a culture of corruption that cannot be easily broken, and poor governance can be attributed to the entrenchment of corruption throughout Kenya. Government institutions, which are meant to regulate the relationship between the private and public sectors, are being taken advantage by public officials and private interest in order to benefit from the increasing development and economic growth of Kenya. Unprincipled bureaucrats and politicians have been enlarging their take on public funds without regard for the adverse effects it has on their nation and how it impacts them on a global level. Corruption is representative of poor governance and a lack of leadership that cares about the prosperity of their own country. It endures within Kenya primarily because those who are in power are unwilling to relinquish the benefits that stem from corruption. The existing government institutions lack the power and influence to change these corrupt behaviors and there is no incentive to practice good and responsible governance. Over the last decade, Kenya has implemented several anti-corruption commissions to reduce
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