Corruption Is Not New?

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Corruption is not new, existing from the beginning of time, affecting not only public officials, but all human interaction in many different forms (Choi 2010). It is believed that developing countries are at a higher risk for corruption which ultimately limit investment and growth, leading government to face major challenges in financing its day to day operation (Rose-Ackerman, 1999). However, corruption is not only found in developing countries, democracies such as the USA, France, Germany and Japan have also seen several corruption scandals over the past decades and had also fought against changes that could eliminate or reduce the perception of corruption, for example, over 70 elected members of Chicago local government have been charged and imprisoned on corruption charges . In 2016 New York airwave exploded when three high ranking NYPD police officers were arrested and charged for corruption and the mayor currently under investigation (Cohen 2016). Many argued that campaign funding had led many politicians to become corrupt, therefore to reduce this power, more transparency is need. However, when this reform was introduced in the USA Senate through a campaign reform bill, the US senate voted against it (Beckel, 2010). This demonstrate that politicians around the world (develop and developing countries) are unwilling to reform legislation therefore ensuring they are in a position of power even if this is gain through favours. Corruption affects not
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