Corruption Of Corruption And Corruption

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How can countries that are seen as corrupt function today? Why has corruption not constantly and consistently fallen and proved to be an inadequate way to rule? The role of corruption in today’s countries has proven to be weak, yet has held as a way of life for many around the world. As money and greed increase worldwide, the desire for these things increases as well. Learning what works, and what doesn’t is essential to the upkeep of many countries and their well-being. Does the increase of the amount of corruption in a country decrease the amount of social spending, and what affect does that have on the people? I argue that as corruption increases, the amount of social spending decreases, putting the population of poverty stricken people even worse off. This paper intends to further the argument on the conflict of corruption versus social well-being, through examining countries with a great amount of corruption and their relationship with the people. First, it will help to look directly at countries who have still sustained with such tough conditions. Second, the relationship between economic growth will be explored in relation to social well-being. Finally, the socio-economic relationship will be included with corruption to show the many factors of corruption that contribute to the failure of the people. This will show that the presence of corruption is directly correlated with the lack of social spending done in a country.

Understanding Corruption Corruption is

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