Corruption Of Government Of New Zealand

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My topic is about Corruption related to government sectors in New Zealand. I decided to search about this topic because I found the presentation about police in the class was interesting. The topic about corruption is interesting because the money is often from our tax and it is whether the government uses it in an appropriate and responsible way.
In general, Corruption occurs when someone make use of governments’ power or money for their own interest. My topic relates to government sectors, taxation, accountability (responsibility) and performance of accounting.

In my research, I found out that New Zealand is doing very well in corruption and has a great reputation for it. Based on Transparency International’s corruption perceptions index , New Zealand has established a clean image and good reputation for corruption and being a free and fair country. This is rank based on the level among public officials and politicians. In New Zealand, the Ministry of Justice works with other agencies and organization to eliminate corruption not only domestically but globally. Although New has good reputation, they still can be improved and few points needed to be changed.

Based on Auditor General which released in 2011, they found out that there is low level of fraud within the public sectors. Based on the report, it shows that 65 % of people think that what they pay for their last government service was reasonably priced. In addition, New Zealand has ranked the first in 2011 for

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