Corruption Of The Saudi Arabia

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Corruption in Saudi Arabia According to The Economic Times reports “corruption in a civilized society is a disease like cancer, which if not detected on time, is surely to spread its malignancy among the polity of the country, leading to disastrous consequences” (Economic Times). Corruption or what it should be called "how to destroy a community" is the easier and faster way to kill a nation. Unfortunately, corruption is widespread in Saudi Arabia, and an abundance of corrupt people take advantage of their positions to achieve personal goals. Perhaps the most important of their reasons are earning money and having more power because of weak government regulators. This however, has a negative result on various aspects of social life, economic, and political in Saudi Arabia. There are several reasons behind the emergence of the phenomenon of corruption and outbreaks in communities. There is nearly unanimity on the fact that this phenomenon is negative behavior. some of the reasons for people to turn towards to corruption is to make more money, engaging in corruption, and dreaming of more strength. However, the main reason that allows people to engage in corruption and enjoy it is the weakness of government regulation. Corruption leads to the demoralizing aspects of frustration and apathy. Also it will raise the negative spread between the members of the community. Corruption also results in a lack of professionalism the loss of the value of work and a declining
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