Corruption Of The United States Government : Rhetorical Strategies

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Corruption in the United States Government: Rhetorical Strategies in
Jay Cost’s “Why Political Corruption Matters” It is undeniable that the United States government is a corrupt entity, “What did we have originally when the Constitution was written? They asked (Benjamin) Franklin, “What have you given us?” He said, “We’ve given you a republic, if you can keep it.” Now, we didn’t keep it.. . . We’ve got a special interest democracy—a political process that is dominated by the special interests.” (Cost). Jay Cost claims the government is clearly corrupt, citing credible sources and using historical fact, even titling the book that the article was written as an excerpt from “A Republic No More: Big Government and the Rise of American Political Corruption” by Jay Cost, however, he addresses that the corruption is not bad, which doesn’t necessarily limit some of the credibility he was establishing, but it is against the point which is being argued, that corruption is bad. In his article, Cost first sets the stage by describing Alexander Hamilton’s quote “Purge it of its corruption, and give to it’s popular branch equality of representation, & it would become an impracticable government: as it stands at present, with all it’s supposed defects, it is the most perfect government which ever existed.”, and then he explains the meaning of quote as the opener of the article “Critical histories such as this must inevitably confront a simple question: so what? If one is…
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