Corruption at Tyco: Case Discussion Questions

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Tyco Case Qs Case Overview: Corruption and what was basically embezzlement had been occurring at Tyco for a long time, perpetrated by the CEO and the CFO of the large multi-industry firm. Not only did this cause financial problems for the company, but it also had an arguably worse and more extreme impact in revealing and deepening a culture of mistrust, frustration, and a lack of accountability. Morale at the company dropped significantly in light of the fact that the board of directors seemed to be aware of the misdeeds and yet allowed them to continue. Eventually, the appointment of a new CEO led to an entire overhaul of the executive board and other substantial changes at the company. These efforts to rebuild and restore the company through cultural initiatives is examined in these questions. a. One of the primary if not the most essential of the skills Gerard and Teurf describe as necessary for achieving transformation is the ability to create and sustain effective dialogue. At Tyco, a lack of communication between the various levels of the company and indeed the sense of remove of the higher positions within the company contributed to many of the cultural problems. The new Tyco CEO Ed Breen could use dialogue to build a better rapport between upper management, middle managers, and employees, and in this way receive input and make the transformation both more equitable and more well rounded. Transformation is easier to implement when all members of an organization

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