Essay on Corruption in Africa

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Many unsolved problems in many African countries, but the issue of the rise of corruption are disturbing, and the amends it has done to the polity are vast. The fear of fraud leads to restrict movement of documents in offices, slow traffic on the highways, port congestion, ghost workers syndrome, queues at passport offices, police extortion tollgates and gas stations, vote irregularities among others. Even the nutty people on the road remember the devastation caused by bribery - the funds allocated for their success disappear into some people pockets. Thus, some people believe corruption is the bane of many African countries. Corruption is the main obstacle to slow down, and knock African economy growing. The problem keeps happening in…show more content…
Some of these definitions of fraud have been around for over decades, the current development in many African countries where discoveries of stolen citizens funds run into billions of US Dollars, make these definitions vary fairly and appropriate. Corruption is probably the main way to build up fast assets in many countries. Fraud occurs in many forms, and it has contributed massively to poverty and wretchedness of a huge part of the African population. I argued that for any fight against corruption to be successful in Africa. Here are some of the steps should be taken to curb corruption in Africa. Firstly, watch-dog agencies should be established like Economic and financial crime commission in Nigeria. There were being established to receive and inspect complaints made by individuals against abuses acts of public officials. Secondly, the government should require all chief executive or local officials should sign a statement granting permission to banks i.e. both local and overseas, real estate or property line to verify any assets they may think. Breaking this layer of privacy is necessary if attribute declarations are to be confirmed and accountability enforced. In Conclusion, Africa cannot be seen as safe and free until human rights were valued and protected by the government. Africa cannot be
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