Corruption in Pakistan

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Corruption Outline 1. Introduction 2. Definition (According to) a. Transparency International b. World Bank and Asian Development Bank c. In the Context of Pakistan 3. Types of Corruption d. Petty Corruption e. Grand Corruption f. Political Corruption 4. Corruption in Islamic teaching 5. Quaid-i-Azam on corruption 6. Causes of corruption g. Political Instability h. Law and Order Condition i. Unemployment j. Lack of education k. Poor governance l. Moral Culture 7. Report about Corruption in Pakistan m. Transparency International Report 8. Remedies or Solution n. Transparency o. Equal Distribution Of National Resources…show more content…
Army’s frequent interventions have never given chance to flourish democracy in our country. Our political leaders are also responsible for this situation because our leaders focus on personal or vested interests instead of national interests. They have always tried to achieve their vested interests in the garb of politics. They have never respected the norms of democracy. That’s why our country has failed to develop healthy political institutions and lasting democracy. 2. Law and Order There are lot of problems regarding law and order. Terrorist attacks create uncertainty in stock markets and people earning from stock are getting loss due to which the whole country faces uncertain increase in commodity prices. 3. Unemployment Pakistan is poorly faced with the problem of unemployment. The existing unemployment rate is 15%. Thousands of young doctors, engineers and other educated people are out of job. There are no opportunities for youth to utilize their capabilities or abilities in right direction. Pakistan is facing the problem of brain drain due to unemployment because we are unable to utilize their precious hands in the progress of the country. The most horrible part is that it is rising every year it will show to be risky for the economy of Pakistan. It has negative impact on society. It creates
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