Corruption of the Power Elites in the United States

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I feel that the checks and balances not sufficient enough to keep the power elites, of this great country under strict regulation. The elite of America have been here since the start. Since the establishment of the United States in 1776 those who have the money, have the power. George Washington was one of the largest landowners of his time. This theme stays true all the way to George Bush who had ties into the oil and natural resource business. I felt because of the lack of competing countries on the same continent, no controlling church and no big military to threaten the government which fostered a nation based on economic rule in America. A mechanism which I felt corporations use to influence the government’s decisions is the use of campaign funding. Recent campaigns have become increasingly expensive. As our great country expanded the elections become progressively more costly. As big corporations started to rise they began to give big donations to the political campaigns. The 1974 Amendment tried to put a maximum on the contributions and spending campaigns do. With that Amendment it established the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) to enforce the act. The FEC is very important with investigating campaign funding. Nevertheless, it fell short because this difficult task. The reason is that if you restrict the corporations from contributing money, the board members will just contribute personally. If members of the board are not allowed to contribute, their wives will
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