Corset Fashion Trends

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This decade is full of new and interesting fashion trends! Fashion allowed women to have their own freedom which often conflicted with the equality of men. But here are the decades latest trends.
Earlier in the decade was when the shoulders were allowed to return back to the normal state, being relaxed and out and about. Corsets were still in style and added were full of strength and support but some women disagreed. Sometimes the corset was tied so tightly women couldn’t breathe. In 1976 to 1978 was one of the first appearances of the long cuirass bodice. That was basically a basically like garment that was worn over the corset and were worn with dresses and it molded the hips tightly. Daytime bodices had higher neck lines than evening bodices.
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The small hoop kept large amounts of the fabric away from the fee and added volume to women’s skirts. They added sway and movement to the everyday women’s step. Popular fabrics include cotton, silk-taffeta and wool. Those were light in color and weight.
Women realized that corsets, hoops, and straps were crippled women in both physical and emotional health. They decided they needed a “dress” reform and it was urgent. The first and most notorious to get the ball rolling were Amelia Bloomer's foolish invention of , "bloomers." The outfit was made up of a short jacket, a skirt that was just below the knee, and a pair of “bloomers” that gathered around the ankles. The first appearance of a “bloomer girl” was in the streets of Ithaca. The townspeople gasped at the scandalous trousers. This idea of “bloomer girls” soon faded. Common complaints were that women wanted clothes that gave them the same amount of freedom as men those women were “just trying to be men.” ("Clothes for Coupons”.)
Fashion during the past decade showed how people try to fit into the beauty standards even if it meant their health. Men and women’s rights still continued to fluctuate as women tried to gain equality even in the fashion
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