Cortes' and Bernal Diaz's Motives for Writing Their Accounts of the Conquest

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Q: What were Cortes' and Bernal Diaz's motives for writing their accounts of the conquest? How did these motives color their narratives of the conquest? Record keeping has been around since the beginning of time. Even before humans existed, the planet earth keeps detailed records of itself in rocks, trees, and ice. Writing of events has been very important in the process of capturing, storing, and sharing information. Writing also allows the document to be sent off to a far off land without the story being sent through multiple story tellers, losing and gaining valuable details making it something of a myth. People write differently depending on the recipient and what their motives are. As we look at the writings of Hernan…show more content…
Diaz was proud of what he and his fellow conquistadors had accomplished. By writing about his accounts of the conquest he hoped to receive some recognition and reward from Spain. The possibility of power, and economical growth motivated these writings. But it was not all about money for him. He was a hard working man who wanted everyone to know his and his fellow conquistadors true achievements. After he finished the project, he learned that others had published before his. Chronicles were published by accomplished writers who had not seen the events first hand, and according to Diaz, contained many errors about what had actually happened ( Shwartz 18). Also in these publications, the credit was given to captains and people like Cortes, and little or no credit was given to soldiers who did the grunt work. This publication motivated Diaz to write his second book, which he called "The True history of the Conquest of New Spain". He wrote this book in opposition of the publications which he thought to be incorrect. He again hoped his accomplishments would be seen by those in power and reward him. Because of the time between the events and his writing, many doubted the validity and accuracy of its content. Diaz assured everyone that he was able to retain the memories of the battles

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