Cortisol Experiments

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While it is an ethical act to protect animal rights and conduct experiments on the lowest number of animals possible, but rational conclusions that can be generalized to the whole population will need more experiments done on a bigger sample population of the species. Also the letter does not mention if all eighteen monkeys have been brought from one part of the globe or not, and if they have been raised in same conditions or not. If the monkeys had not all been under the same conditions before the experiments then chances are that they each one had different levels of cortisol in their blood. When the stranger monkey and the monkeys under examination are set to encounter with each other the scientists should pay attention to two criteria…show more content…
For example the first born child might have not yet been in a situation where the parents had been absent before, whereas the second child might be acclimate to his or her parents being absent, therefore being reunited with their parents again the first child is likely to produce higher levels of cortisol. Hence, for studying how humans respond to stimulation other factors such and psychological factors must be considered. The fact that cortisol levels have shown to be higher in first time mothers in not enough to assert that levels of stimulation is related to birth order. Cortisol levels increase in times of fright and stress, and this could be the possible explanation behind the high levels of cortisol in mothers who are giving birth for the first time in comparison to mothers who have experienced this situation before. Overall more experiments need to be conducted to be able to generalize this idea and turn it into a fact. And other factors such as past stimulations, the amount of stimulus and the experiment conditions need to be more thoroughly explained to be able to rely on the validity of these
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