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In the painting, The Garden in Rue Cortot, Montmartre, Pierre-Auguste Renoir displays the idea of beauty being universal, however humans have a tendency to neglect it.
Pierre-Auguste Renoir was a highly regarded French painter, who was very well known for his leading role in Impressionist painting. The Garden in Rue Cortot, Montmartre, is a great example of impressionism because of its bright colors and lifelike details. Upon first viewing this painting, the viewer’s eyes are immediately drawn to the vivid colors of the flowers in the foreground of the painting. Renoir paints the foreground overwhelmingly busy which causes the viewer’s eyes to be filled with the beauty of nature in the first glance of the painting, Despite how busy it is,
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This choice of color creates a change in lighting from the foreground being lighter and the background being darker. In contrast to the busy foreground, the background is more barren and spaced out. Furthermore, trees and the two men in the upper left corner to take over the background. Additionally, the viewer's eyes are first taken to the two men having a conversation in what looks to be the woods. These men are oblivious to anything that is going on around them as they are both engaged in a conversation together. In the information listed next to this painting in the Carnegie Museum of Art, the two men are believed to be Claude Monet and Alfred Sisley, both of which are famous Impressionist painters, or the two men are also believed to be Monet and Renoir, himself. The neglect of the beauty that is right in front of the men is still comparable to today’s era. People often focus on materialistic beauty rather than the natural beauty that is right in front of them. As stated earlier, the claw-like branch is symbolic of nature consistently trying to wow humankind by reaching out and grabbing its attention.
Thus, humans having the tendency to neglect universal beauty is displayed by Pierre-Auguste Renoir in his painting, The Garden in Rue Cortot, Montmartre. Beauty is universal, mankind just needs to make a priority of opening their eyes to enjoy and appreciate
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