Corvo's Narrative Analysis

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Corvo Attano came back from his travels to report back on the queen Elizabeth. There was an epidemic of rats but these rats were different they were not native to the island so she wanted to know where they came from. Corvo was the queen’s bodyguard. But as he approached her some assassins came out of the nearby brush and attack the queen. Corvo attempted to fight back at the assassins but it was not the numbers that bested him it was some sort of magic that held him down on the ground no matter how hard he fought to get out of it he could not it was too strong. As corvo sat there what look like the leader of the assassins came out and killed the princess and as they were retreating Emily, queens daughter went outside to see where her mother was and was taken from them.…show more content…
But it did not matter if he was told that because tomorrow corvo was going to be executed. As corvo sat in his cell he received what was going to be his last meal but something was odd there was a note. The note told him they know what really transpired and that there was a key under the meat for his jail cell. As corvo exited his cell he quickly spotted two guards walking down the hall he thought about what would to do he realized he had to kill them because they were sure to realize he has escape his cell. So corvo waited until they pass pretending to be asleep he ran behind so quietly he was sure they could not hear him. Corvo snapped both of their necks he was not fazed by this because before he was her bodyguard he was an assassin. Corvo search the bodies to see what he could use. He found a sword and a pistol with five bullets as he was leaving he heard a voice calling out to him then time everything around him stopped the he was teleported to a world distorted. There was just floating pieces of cement. Bodies were floating around dismembered
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