Corwin Corporation Case Analysis

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The major concerns of the failure include: project selection; staff competency; management support; project planning; and project communication between internal and external stakeholders.


This article is prepared to seek the reasons of Corwin Corporation’s project failure. Hunting mistakes that Corwin made during the project initiation and execution stages and provides recommendation and solutions in order to avoid the occurrence of similar cases.
Corwin Corporation is a globally well-known high-quality rubber components manufacturer. The top management of Corwin is highly conservative and tends to exand markets for existing products rather than new product development. Due to the high-quality products credibility, Corwin receives specialty products manufacturing frequently. By the conservation nature of Corwin’s management strategy, 90% of all specialty-product requires was rejected. However, this long standing internal protocols was totally breached and a high risky project was taken by Corwin from one of its existing customers-Peters Company in just a few days before Christmas.
The Peters Company is one of major client of Corwin. The good relationship has been built up through past 2 years ‘corporation begins from 1980 to 1982. At the end of 1982, Corwin received a request from Peters to produce a new product under a fixed $ 250,000

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