Cory Monteith Was Born On May 11, 1982, And Died July 13,

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Cory Monteith was born on May 11, 1982, and died July 13, 2013, he was a Canadian actor and musician who was known as Fin Hudson in a series called Glee in Fox channel. His mom Ann McGregor and his father Joe Monteith had difficulty in their marriage so they divorce when Cory was just seven years old. So Cory and his older brother lived with their mom. He beryl had the chance to be with his father due to the fact that his dad military service. Cory didn’t have an easy childhood. He had social difficulties at school. From the age 13, he started to use drugs. He went to 16 different schools including alternative programs for troubled teens. Over the month his addiction increased and he even started stealing from his friends and family to…show more content…
He stayed in Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel in Vancouver for seven days he was supposed to check out his last day but he didn’t the hotel staff when into his room and found his body. The cost of death was a mixed drug toxicity. Later then he was cremated in Vancouver. Then a privet viewing by his family and girlfriend Lea Michele. They paid a tribute to Cory at the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards and also 56th Grammy Awards. Also in the show Glee, they did an episode dedicated to him called “The Quarterback”.

Cory had everything that a person can ever wish for a good family. A successful job, and a beautiful girlfriend and yet he choice to end it all by falling into his addictions. The question that everybody most are thinking of when it comes to Cory is why. Was his life not good enough for him? Or was it the fact that he couldn’t move on from his past. Was his addiction overcame him and was controlling him.

When you see people who have a great life you don’t really think that they ever go through the hard situation you assume that everything is a just essay for them. But it’s not like that they have hard times too. And people fail to realize it. Cory must have been fighting his own demands. It’s sad to see that he lost his life at a young age 31. The even more sad part was that he didn’t know that it was his last day, his death was accidental he never got the chances finish his journey or see his loved one goodbye he died alone. He was in a battle with his addiction and he

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