Cos-101 Written Assignment 1

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Written Assignment 1

What is the most important difference between a computer and a calculator?
• A calculator is a computer with specific program or set of instruction for mathematical calculations

• A computer is equipment that is centralized around the CPU, microprocessor running specific instruction or application. Calculator is a program or app that can run on a computer

• So the most important difference is the set of instruction that each is designed for. A calculator instruction is specific for mathematical calculation and a computer can accept different programs for several different computation or task.
How are computers today similar to those from World War II? How are they different
• Today computers
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• ASCII was initially designed for the English language, and the 256 character limitation struggled to keep pace with the multitude of different languages. Unicode and the support of 100,000 unique character is better suited for the majority of the world language
Why do many PC manufacturers include graphics-processing units (GPUs) in their machines?
• The Graphic Process Unit frees up the CPU for other non-graphic task this allows the GPU to focus exclusively on graphics
Describe several ways you can minimize your negative impact on the environment when you purchase and use a computer.
Proof read your work without printing, this is an easy way to contribute to green environment. Another is to print on both side of your paper. Using the power save feature put your computer in a sleep mode until activated. Screen saver are a absolute no for a green
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