Cosette In The Movie

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Cosette is an awful character. I loathe this character in the book, I loathe her in the movie, I’ll probably loathe her in the musical if I’m ever dragged to it. What did she do? Absolutely nothing. Throughout the entire book she had the inherited more traits from a tree stump than a quality character. The movie tries to modernize her by making her say “No, don’t do that,” occasionally, but she still doesn’t do anything for herself. If this was a well written story it would’ve revolved around Eponine.
Ok, so now let’s look at this section. Where Jean wants to take Cosette to England. Does she speak up in protest that she is being dragged away from her “true love”, Marius, because of the battle? Nah, she just lets it happen, but it’ll work out in the end I’m sure. If she had an important line in the book it would be said here, but nothing. She is submissive, bland, and resembles a doll more than an actual human being. With no original thought, being dressed fancy, trotted around, and being spoiled in a rich household, she is the embodiment of a doll. I’ve never been one to tell a writer how to do romantics, but it would’ve been more rewarding for everyone if they just rewrote it and let the strong independent woman who loved Marius to wind up with him in
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It's too soon, too soon to say goodbye.” This is at the very last couple of minutes. Two and a half hours into this movie and she finally says something of some importance. And all she says is “Please don’t die.” She says so little in the film that I honestly forgot she was in it until the very end. She was an abhorrent waste of screen time and the adaptation team knew that, but they couldn’t get the green-light to exclude Cosette any further. Cosette could honestly be replaced with a cardboard cutout and no one would’ve seen the
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