Coshocton County: Disaster Analysis

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Disasters rather they be man-made or natural can cripple a community within seconds and lasts for years down the road. Preventing these disasters are crucial though you always and be prepared for the worst. After initial disaster, a cascade of unfortunate events can occur if not handled properly. In this discussion, the role and responsibilities of a nurse in relation to this disaster will be described. Next, the disaster preparedness department and procedures in Coshocton County and whether I feel that my community is prepared for a natural disaster will be discussed.
Nurses play a role in all the stages of disaster management (Nies & McEwen, 2015). There are two types of disasters that may affect a community; man-made and or natural. Man-made
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This plan outlines the responsibilities of organizations and individuals as well as the actions at projected time and places within an emergency for agencies or departments. (Emergency Management Agency, 2009). Departments such as Coshocton County EMA, prosecutor, law enforcement, fire department, emergency medical services, hospital, medical examiner, mental health, public works, and animal control all play a role during an emergency. The plan goes on to identify disasters that may occur in the likelihood in which they would occur in Coshocton County. It also identifies special events that take place along with the dates, location and estimated number of individuals that will be attending. There are also volunteer organizations that contribute to emergency skills such as skywarm which is a phone system for weather conditions, radio emergency associated communication team, amateur radio emergency services, community emergency response team, and medical reserve corpse (Emergency Management Agency, 2009). Throughout the year test and exercises are completed to ensure individuals and agencies are aware of the responsibilities and how to effectively manage task at hand. Red Cross in addition to mutual aid from surrounding counties will be available to…show more content…
I feel that my community is adequately prepared for this type of disaster. Tornado sirens as a long with emergency alerts are tested to ensure they are properly working. Schools participate in multiple tornado drills preparing students if this event should ever happen. The media releases tornado watches along with warnings when weather conditions are appropriate. There is also a booth set up at the shocking County fair to provide information and educate individuals and families on proper steps when an emergency such as a tornado may arise (Emergency Management Agency, 2009). I feel there is a lot of information out there and many individuals are aware to take cover in a shelter, and take the siren seriously when not performed during a specific testing
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