Cosmetic Dentistry : Self Esteem And Quality Of Life Based On The Aesthetics Of Their Teeth

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Research shows that one-third of Americans agree that their first impression of others is based on the aesthetics of their teeth (Gold). Cosmetic Dentistry enhances patients’ self-esteem and quality of life based on age, gender, and type of cosmetic procedures performed while considering the cost analysis of treatment options versus outcomes. A Cosmetic Dentist is a licensed dentist with a doctorate in medical dentistry that specializes in the aesthetic and mechanical functionality of teeth. Cosmetic Dentist are commonly known for improving one’s self-esteem and psychosocial wellness. Cosmetic Dentist use thinking, writing, and communication to better themselves and patient outcomes in their respected field.
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However, Crown Restoration is the most expensive cosmetic dental procedure. Crown Restoration can exceed an average of one thousand five-hundred dollars per tooth, which is why many seek other options to improve their smile (Gold). The least expensive cosmetic dental procedure is Vital Teeth Whitening. This procedure can average five-hundred dollars for a patient’s entire mouth (Darby). Vital Teeth Whitening has also been linked to improving psychological, emotional and social quality of life in patients (Darby). Even though teeth whitening is less costly than other cosmetic dental procedures, it has been linked to have a less noticeable impact on patients’ self-esteem and other psychosocial aspects of wellness (Darby). Cosmetic Dentists’ research has shown that gender differences plays a significant role in study findings related to how cosmetic dentistry enhances one’s overall psychological, emotional and social wellness (Lukez et. al). In short, women are more likely to have better psychological influences while men are more likely to have been a better overall improvement in self-esteem (Lukez et. al). Gender may influence the types of cosmetic procedures sought by patients. Women, for example, often want what is “in”. Mass media plays a major role in cosmetic dentistry, as many follow it as an example.

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