Cosmetic Dermatologist Personal Statement

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A. Why have you chosen to apply to this university?*
Texas Tech University seemed like a wonderful institution. During my senior year of high school representatives came to my school and I always wanted to go there but during that time due to family issues I wasn’t able to apply but now that I’m given the chance to transfer there I was excited. Texas Tech offered many different scholarships and even for transfer students, also due to the major I want to go in I’ve read many reviews and talked to many people about the pre-medical program and I’ve had nothing but encouragement and excellent feedback. Out of all the universities I’ve looked into to transfer too Texas Tech was the only one who offered me everything that I was looking for from dorms
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This has been my goal since I was a freshman in high school I’ve always liked skincare products and watching videos of people giving their reviews on products but it wasn’t until that day me and my mother went to the dermatologist office that I discovered that there’s a line of work out there that favors to this interest. I remember asking the dermatologist a storm of questions of what she’s does and how she got to be where she was at that moment and feeling 100% sure of myself that this was what I wanted my career to be in life and wanting to branch off and start a brand for myself. Till this day I still want to pursue this and make it my goal to achieve to…show more content…
If there has been a particularly influential faculty member or personal contact who has been instrumental in your decision to attend this university, please describe that experience.*
I was a part of CIS in my senior year of high school and there was a program called College Success here I met Mrs. Liberty she was an advisor that got me started on everything I needed to do for college and even guided me through my financial aid. When I start community college she still guided me through what steps I should do next and gave me information for tutoring or any help I needed. She also helped me figure out the criteria’s I was looking for in a university and Texas Tech had everything on my
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