Cosmetic Products Have Been Integrated Into Our Society

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Cosmetic products have been integrated into our society for centuries, and women have put their trust in the companies that provide them. These products are used confidently, sometimes without the thought of possible harm to health crossing the mind of the consumer because the cosmetic products purpose is for protection, cleaning, and beautification. As people are becoming more aware of the hazards in their everyday lives, questions have arisen about the ingredients, particularly the chemicals, that are being used to create women’s cosmetics. In recent studies, cosmetics have been found to contain chemicals that can be harmful to a woman’s reproductive health, including miscarriages and birth defects, and have links to breast cancer.…show more content…
It is advised to use caution when using products that contain phthalates. Petrochemicals are a petroleum based substance that, when used in topical or oral application, can result in anemia, kidney regeneration and damage to nerves in the brain or spinal cord. Petrochemicals are seen as synthetic colors used within cosmetic products such as lipsticks and eyeshadows. Exposure to these chemicals has been linked to a rise in cancer, as well as other lifelong diseases (Nohynek, 2010). Recently, the importance of testing and monitoring the harmful effects of cosmetic products has increased because they have also been found with compounds of different metals, which is can be extremely dangerous when in frequent contact with the skin. Although humans are likely to be exposed by naturally occurring metals released into the environment, cosmetic products can lead to routes of toxic metal entry into the body (Kalicanin, 2015). The theory is that the low, but constant exposure to the harmful chemicals in personal care products, increases the risk for women to experience reproductive problems, miscarriages, infant mortality and birth defects. Although these are only a few examples of the vast amount of harmful chemicals that are used to cosmetic products, it is safe to say that there should be more of a concern when it comes to the products that women are using on their bodies multiple times on a day to day basis. Current regulations on cosmetic products have
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