Cosmetic Surgery Affects People 's Appearances

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Cosmetic surgery alters people 's appearances and can be used to increase their self-esteem. While these surgeries are very popular, there are many dangers associated with them. People wanting these surgeries sometimes are not aware of these complications or they choose to ignore them. Those under 18 are probably more likely to dismiss these dangers and not consider how the surgery will affect them later in life. Cosmetic surgery needs age limits to reduce the effects of altering underdeveloped, inexperienced, health risked teens.
According to Marketwire, there are several things that should be considered before going through with a surgery. Offices tend to hire doctors who cost less to hire and are less qualified, so patients may not
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Breast augmentation surgery involves increasing breast size through the use of implants. The American Association of Plastic Surgeons provides the steps of the surgery on their website. The first step in the breast augmentation surgery is sedation. Next, the doctor will make a cut in the designated area based on the approach he will take on the surgery. His approach depends on the size of the implants the patient wants, the type of implant, and what is best for the patient. After this incision, the doctor places the implant either under or over the pectoral muscle. Once again, this depends on the size and type of implant and what 's best for the patient. Following the placement of the implants, the tissue is then stitched up or closed with surgical tape or adhesive safe for use on skin (Procedure Steps). Like many other surgeries, there are complications associated with this process.
Some major problems that can come from undergoing this procedure are scarring, bleeding, and infection. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons states on their website,, that breast enhancement surgeries pose several risks, including incorrect positioning of the implant, leakage of the implant, the implant bursting, scar tissue, and pain. Also, there 's a chance of an adverse reaction to the anesthetic (Risks and Safety). There are also concerns regarding the way the media handles cosmetic surgeries. The Associated Press
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