Cosmetic Surgery - Beauty Or Beast?

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Beauty or Beast? “Don’t like the way you look? Ready for a quick and easy change? We can help you with one simple cosmetic surgery.” We have all heard or seen advertisements like this on television or in magazines, but why is cosmetic surgery so appealing to people, especially women? Cosmetic surgery is used all over the world to enhance one’s features and make people “happy,” but is it worth it? Is it beauty or is it a beast having cosmetic surgery done? There are many options and things to consider when thinking about getting any kind of surgery. Body image is a huge aspect especially when there is a demand for beauty by society. The cost of cosmetic surgery and the dangers are also something to take into consideration, but there are many positives in getting this type of surgery. Body image is a huge factor in advertisements. Many teenagers and young adults are drawn to how they look according to others. Between the ages of eighteen and twenty, people grow and build their own character. Advertisements for cosmetic surgery or other enhancers could greatly influence this group of people. Diana Zuckerman, Ph.D. states that in 2012, “more than 236,000 cosmetic procedures [were performed] on patients between [the ages of] thirteen and nineteen” (Zuckerman). That is a lot of surgeries for young adults who aren’t fully developed physically or mentally. According to, body image is defined as “an intellectual or idealized image of what one 's body is or should be
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