Cosmetic Surgery : Insight Into The Enslavement

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Johanna Bonds Bonds 1 Ms. Homewood Sherlock 11 April 2016 Cosmetic Surgery: Insight into the Enslavement to "Looking Perfect" In the medical field, cosmetics is the process in which patients undergo surgical and nonsurgical procedures to alter their appearance. Unlike plastic surgeons who are dedicated to helping burn victims and birth disorders etc. Cosmetic surgery is enhancing the appearance of a person. Nonsurgical procedures include; botox, laser hair removal, and surgical procedures include breast augmentation or body contouring etc. Cosmetic surgery can also become addictive. Addictions that can occur with patients include repeated surgeries in a short amount of time. Unlike drug addictions, cosmetic surgery…show more content…
The main objective of this essay is to show the dangers, addictions, and enslavement that cosmetic surgery and Body Dysmorphic Disorder cause. Bonds 2 One way people with Body Dysmorphic Disorder become slaves to the idea of becoming 'perfect ' is from the media. Social media is constantly changing the average body shape, face shape, and characteristics of a female or male. These ideas are shown through magazines, social media apps, and the news, which destroy the minds of younger generations and their physical features. Magazines that show models create body image desires from both men and women. Tools like photoshop create a slimmer women or a lean muscular man. These advertisements create a question in our heads, "Am I pretty enough?", "Am I fat?"Advertisements of false bodies creates problems for the next generation. Even in children the toys that we see such as barbies make young children believe in how they should look like. "You don 't get self-esteem from a scalpel" (Amico.) Many teens avoid bullying by pressuring themselves into cosmetic surgery. Bullying has an effect in school when kids are called 'a ugly '. Encouraging teens that their differences is what makes them the person that they see is what the world needs to show. False advertisement and false depictions of how people should like destroys
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