Cosmetic Surgery Is Becoming An Acceptable Solution For Beauty

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People have created modern technical methods to serve the beauty needs of everyone. Aesthetic technologies are going along with the change of beauty needs over the time and adjusting the perception of beauty. Not only does natural beauty bring criterion for beauty’s definition, but also artificial beauty is mutating the standard prescript and the view of beauty. Elective plastic surgery is becoming an acceptable solution for anyone who would like to improve their appearance. In a report from Medical News Today, Christian Nordqvist showed that approximately 65,000 surgical cosmetic procedures were performed in 2008 in the UK - 50% more than 2003. Additionally, the official statistics of cosmetic surgery in the U.S. was far more popular. In 2007, there were a total of 1,435,444 surgical cosmetic procedures. The number of non-surgical cosmetic procedures was 7,113,914, which were higher than the number of surgical cosmetic procedures. In 2014, about 15,622,866 non-surgical cosmetic procedures were performed, which doubled in seven years. The figures pointed out that more and more people try elective plastic surgery to achieve the level of perfect beauty. So why have these figures growth? Despite knowing the hidden risks in surgical elective plastic procedures, people are getting more and more elective plastic surgeries because of their obsession with having a beautiful body image, social criticism because of being ugly, and they are addicted to elective plastic surgery.
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