Cosmetic Surgery : Plastic Surgery

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In most sources about cosmetic surgery, they explain the good or bad about it and also give examples of people that have gone through cosmetic surgery. For most people that go through cosmetic surgery, it takes around 6 months for the swelling to go down and for most of the scars to heal and begin to go away. The majority of people that have an opinion of cosmetic surgery, think that it’s the worst part of the new society and feels like the people that get the procedure done are weak and are easily controlled by the people that judge their looks. The people that are like that tend to think they’re helping the patients of cosmetic surgery, but end up making them feel awful in the long run. It’s a common binary for most to think that…show more content…
The article written by Dittmann tells about the multiple channels that offer the opportunity to be able to undergo a full makeover to be able to look how they want the main channels that include those types of opportunities are the Fox show, ABC, and MTV. The only problem with these types of shows is how many viewers are worried about the aftermath of the patients and how they feel after it’s all done. “The researchers found that patients who are dissatisfied with surgery may request repeat procedures or experience depression”(Dittmann) Dittmann explained how after the channels are done ‘fixing’ the male or female they attend a beauty pageant to see who looks better now and who changed the most. Due to the pageant most of the people who lost become severely depressed, adjustment problems, social isolation, family problems, and self-destructive behaviors. Later in the article, Dittmann gives off many researches that can be helpful towards understanding what need to be understood before the surgery happens. The questions she gives is based more on the psychological part of the surgery that most people don’t take into consideration like Does plastic surgery make patients feel better, How does cosmetic surgery affect those around the recipients, What effect does plastic surgery have on children and teenagers, and when does
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