Cosmetic Surgery Research Paper

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Michael Jackson, Demi Moore, Sharon Osborne, Cher, Pamela Anderson, Bruce Jenner, Joan Rivers, and Janice Dickinson are all guilty of going under the knife. Stars today portray a picture perfect image of how everyone should look, but is it really worth it? To some, yes it is, but when you weigh the pros and cons it really is not worth it. What really is beauty, and why are people so obsessed with it? These days there is a cosmetic procedure to fix any kind of issue that someone thinks they need to have, anything ranging from getting cosmetic dentistry work to getting liposuction. Today, people are under the impression that they have to do whatever it takes to be “perfect” even if that means going through extensive cosmetic surgery. People…show more content…
Jocelyn has gone from female to feline, and has spent millions of dollars on plastic surgery to transform her face into that of a cat! It sounds pretty absurd, but she has accomplished it. As scary as she looks Jocelyn looks like a cat on two legs (TMZ Staff, 2008, Cat Chow para.2). Women are not the only addicts though, take Armand Lepore. Well, he was born a male and his first cosmetic surgery was a sex change (The Insider, 2006, Inside the Most Extreme Plastic Surgery Ever! para. 3). Now one of the nations most famous transgender, Amanda Lepore has undergone a ton of plastic surgeries to make him look like a girl. Well, he has succeeded and now has been doing modeling for top designers. The most shocking surgery that Amanda had was that the doctors had to break her rib to make her waist look smaller (The Insider, 2006, Inside the Most Extreme Plastic Surgery Ever! para. 6). If that does not scream addict in itself I do not know what does. It is just amazing the measures people are willing to go to be “beautiful”.
Risking your health just to save some money is it really worth it? Well some women feel that going overseas to seek plastic surgery is worth it. After maybe being denied by a good doctor in the states or just not having enough money for their dream look, more and more people are going outside of the U.S to get plastic surgery. Some women swear by it and think its no big deal, but it really could be a big
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