Cosmetic Surgery Should Be Banned

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‘Cosmetic surgery should be banned.’ Do you have one thing you would like to change about your appearance? I would guess the answer is yes. People nowadays, especially women, are consumed with their appearance. Many strive to conform to what society views as the ‘perfect body image’ and this can make people extremely insecure about the way they look. They think that cosmetic surgery will solve this — it doesn’t. In fact, cosmetic surgery only enhances the need to look beautiful and can lead to many consequences including addiction, mental illness and even death. You may believe cosmetic surgery can help people with mental illnesses such as body dysmorphia. However, it only acts as a plaster, hiding a much deeper problem. Providing surgery to patients with low body confidence can lead to them craving more and more to satisfy their needs, consequently creating a vicious circle of addiction. Cosmetic surgery can morph these type of patients into completely different people, making them look almost unrecognisable. Imagine looking in the mirror and not seeing yourself, but instead seeing another person, camouflaged by the plastic injected into their face — an irreversible procedure. Was it really worth it? After a recent study in 2013 by professionals on patients’ mental health before and after cosmetic surgery, psychiatrists discovered a correlation between cosmetic surgery and increased mental health issues, especially for those who hold unrealistic expectations or have a
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